Putin DOUBLES DOWN – Says He Isn’t Bluffing!

Vladimir Putin Threatens Use of Nuclear Weapons, Claims He Isn't Bluffing

Vladimir Putin Threatens Use of Nuclear Weapons, Claims He Isn’t Bluffing

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over 200 days, and the violence shows no sign of stopping soon. In a development that has caused worry around the world, the Kremlin’s leader recently stated his country’s military has a wealth of atomic weaponry at its disposal, and he insisted he’s not afraid to use it.

Nuclear Threats Not Bluffs, Putin Says

On Wednesday, September 21, Putin discussed the continuing war effort in a televised address. The Russian leader accused the West of pursuing an “aggressive anti-Russian policy” that has crossed “every line.” He stated Western powers had provided Ukraine with long-range missile capabilities, giving the nation the ability to attack Crimea and other parts of Russia from a distance.

Putin went on to accuse Western countries of conducting “nuclear blackmail” against Russia. He claimed some leaders in NATO countries were discussing the possibility of providing nuclear missiles to Ukraine, an allegation major news outlets have claimed is not based on any widely available evidence. He said Russia also has such “weapons of destruction,” adding that his country would not hesitate to respond to the West’s alleged blackmail in kind if such a move became necessary.

President Joe Biden responded derisively to Putin’s claims during an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. He accused the Russian leader of recklessly ignoring the ideals of nonproliferation that other nuclear-capable nations were working to promote. The US commander in chief stated the countries needed to avoid nuclear war at all costs.

Putin Mobilizes 300,000 New Russian Troops

In another escalation of the Kremlin’s so-called special military operation in Ukraine, Putin also announced a partial military mobilization that will see 300,000 citizens with previous experience in the armed forces called up to participate in the fighting.

This is the first move of its kind in Russia since the end of World War II. Should the country’s military force actually expand by 300,000, it would mark a massive increase in its manpower. Estimates suggest the Kremlin had about 150,000 troops on the ground when it first invaded Ukraine in February. This measure is a step short of a full mobilization, which could see the deployment of as many as 25 million extra troops.

Do you think Vladimir Putin truly is weighing up the possibility of a tactical nuclear strike or is he just bluffing?

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