Protect Your Personal Information in One Step

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( – Cybercrime has been featured heavily in the news in recent weeks. A series of ransomware attacks by foreign actors have compromised thousands of businesses worldwide, including many in the US. However, it’s not just corporate entities that need to be worried; personal devices can be targets too.

However, when it comes to your cell phone, there’s one age-old trick that might help to keep you safe; turning it off and back on again. This intervention addresses all kinds of cell phone malfunctions since the earliest days of mobile communication, and it transpires that it can disrupt the activities of hackers too.

A new trend in mobile hacking is called the “zero-click” attack. Traditionally, hackers would try to get unsuspecting users to click on an infected button or link. While this approach can work, this type of malware often cannot remain on a device after rebooting. Because these efforts are now well-recognized, cybercriminals shifted their attention toward mechanisms that do not require user action.

So, what does this mean for the average cell phone user? If you’re worried about data security, simply turning your phone off and on again once a week could make a big difference. 

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