Pride Event Turns Inappropriate While Children Watch

Pride Event Turns Inappropriate While Children Watch

Pride Event With CHILDREN Turns Absolutely Sickening

( – June is Pride month across the United States and the world. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are celebrating their shared identity with various types of events. Unfortunately, some of these displays have turned explicit despite the presence of children in the vicinity.

A Breitbart report from Tuesday, June 14 details a number of disturbing occurrences at various Pride events across the United States. In one example, video footage shows two individuals discussing their

orientation, claiming they had first engaged with the idea that they might be gay at the age of 10.

A Twitter post with a photo from a Wisconsin Pride event shows a drag performer lying on their back with their legs in the air while children sit and watch from the front row, just a few feet away.

In the clip below from the Pride parade in Hollywood, Los Angeles, you can see a number of scantily clothed men, the outline of their genitals apparent through their underwear, dancing as a young girl watches on. The child’s mother can be seen encouraging her to wave at the performers and engage in what’s going on in front of her.

Do you think these are appropriate scenes for a child to witness?

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