Predators Are Using Gender Choice to Target Victims, Report Says

Predators Are Using Gender Choice to Target Victims, Report Says

( – Despite the commonsense protests of many conservative voices, the word “transphobia” continues to protect dangerous people. Some transgender individuals commit horrific acts before seeking to use their gender orientation as a shield from consequences, accusing anyone who opposes them of committing hate crimes.

A trans woman named Darren Agee Merager was recently charged with five counts of indecent exposure after exposing a male body part in a women’s changing room in Los Angeles, California. Four adult females and one underage girl witnessed the act.

Merager is legally a woman and has been on the offender registry for 15 years. Instead of denouncing Merager, many left-wing publications have rushed to the criminal’s defense, accusing opponents of transphobia.

The case mirrors elements from a matter in the UK involving an individual called Karen White. A violent criminal, White claimed to be a transgender woman without having had gender reassignment surgery. Despite White’s status as a legal male in Britain, they were allowed to enter a female prison there, where they assaulted two other inmates.

The debate around transgenderism and trans rights will, no doubt, remain divisive for years to come. However, what appears certain is that cases like this will only sow further division unless the public denounces offenders who seek to use transgenderism to excuse criminal behaviors.

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