Police Launch Investigation Into Lauren Boebert

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert has made headlines once again, this time for an alleged altercation that took place between the congresswoman and her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert. Details are still unclear, but some sources indicate that she may have punched him. Police haven’t made any arrests, and the Colorado representative denies all allegations against her.

The Daily Beast reports that Boebert met with her ex-husband at the Miner’s Claim restaurant in Silt, Colorado, on the evening of January 6. The two had seen each other earlier when the representative went to pick up one of their sons from her ex’s home. He’d reportedly attempted to hug her despite the confrontational attitude between them, and she’d blocked him with a hand to the chest. Mr. Boebert reportedly wanted to clear the air afterward, and the congresswoman agreed to meet as long as they could do so in a public place.

The conflict between the two apparently escalated at the restaurant. Mr. Boebert allegedly became “lewd” and “disrespectful” before he made a move to grab his ex-wife. The representative then reportedly raised her hand to block that move, placing it in his face. According to TMZ, the two were arguing when Rep. Boebert punched her former spouse two times in the nose. One of them called 911 but immediately hung up. Mr. Boebert then called the police to report a domestic violence incident, prompting his ex to call the non-emergency number and report her side of the story. Police came out to speak with both parties, but no one was arrested at the time.

Silt police acknowledged that they did have a report on the incident, but they had no other information to offer other than the fact that they were looking into it. Investigators are reportedly reviewing surveillance footage from inside the restaurant for clarification. K TEK states that Rep. Boebert is allegedly seeking legal counsel in response to her ex-husband’s “false claims” against her.

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