Plumber Discovers a Fetus in Apartment Pipes

( – A Texas plumber made a horrifying discovery when he tried to fix a blocked drain. Instead of a wad of toilet paper or a tangle of hair, he found a human fetus in the pipe. Investigators are now trying to find out what happened.

On September 11, a plumber arrived at the Glen Cove Apartments in Spring, Texas. Residents of the complex had been complaining about drainage problems over the weekend. Of course, blocked drains aren’t uncommon; hair, fat, and other waste can build up in pipes until it blocks them, and if that doesn’t do it there’s always someone trying to flush things they shouldn’t, but this time the unlucky plumber found something horribly different. When he opened an outside pipe he found it was blocked by a dead fetus, estimated to be just a few weeks old.

The plumber called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) to report the grisly find, and detectives were soon on the scene. Later an ambulance arrived and took away a woman from the building the pipe drains from. Another woman was apparently seen being led away in handcuffs, but it isn’t known if that was connected to the fetus incident. So far, detectives think the fetus was miscarried before finding its way into the drains.

This isn’t the first time someone has found a fetus in a drain. On January 31, a Mission, Texas resident was trying to clear a clogged pipe in his apartment building when he found a fetus in it.

It’s a horrifying thing to find, and also a complex problem for law enforcement. Whether or not a crime has been committed can depend on whether the fetus was alive when it left its mother’s body, and that comes down to uncertain facts like whether it had air in its lungs or not. The investigation is ongoing.

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