Peter Schweizer Says There’s a “Slam Dunk” Case to Indict Hunter Biden on Tax Evasion

Peter Schweizer Says There's a

( – Government Accounting Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer believes prosecutors have a “slam-dunk” case against Hunter Biden for tax evasion. According to Breitbart, Schweizer made the statement among other remarks concerning the first family at a Republican Study Committee hearing. He also believes there’s a connection to President Joe Biden.

Schweizer, a senior contributor for Breitbart News, says he believes crimes happened, but that ultimately, the American people won’t ever see their scope. According to the political analyst, Hunter Biden will take steps to protect his father, up to and including a short jail sentence. He said, “the American people will have no accounting.”

Schweizer also believes that there’s a direct link from Hunter Biden’s money to Joe Biden’s pocket. He notes that the Biden’s money is family money and that they all have access. If Hunter and Joe Biden have a joint bank account, any monies in that account received illegally would presumably also belong to the other account holder.

The inconvenient truth of the Bidens’ fungible fortune and the alleged criminal activity that follows it is exactly why Schweizer believes Hunter Biden will ultimately take the fall. It’s possible that as a relatively young, wealthy man, he’ll choose to do his time and slide into oblivion, allowing his father to have his own legacy, free from the never-ending scandals of his ambitious son.

Do you agree with Schweizer’s summation?

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