Oregon Republican Asked To Resign Over Son’s Nazi Salute

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Some constituents are demanding Vikki Breese-Iverson (R), the current Oregon House minority leader, resign after social media exploded with pictures of her son making a Nazi salute beside a vintage WWII-era German warplane. While a number of groups say the photo is evidence the representative isn’t fit to lead, others question whether she should pay the price for her teenage son’s poor judgment.

Central Oregon Daily News retracted Breese-Iverson’s son’s name from their original story, describing a class field trip in Madras, Oregon, visiting the Ericksen Aircraft Collection, where he posed with a classmate in front of a Focke-Wulf 190. The German plane, featuring a swastika painted on the tail, apparently prompted the two to strike the distasteful pose. Sources haven’t indicated who took the picture.

Breese-Iverson offered a public apology “to anyone impacted by the image,” stating her son had shown “extremely poor judgment.” The Republican representative also shared an image of a hand-written letter she says her son wrote. It states what he did “was a dumb mistake” he made “in the moment,” and he realized in hindsight that he hadn’t considered the harm he might cause by posing in such a manner.

The Central Oregon Diversity Project continues to call for Breese-Iverson’s resignation, implying the teenager’s actions reflect on the lawmaker both as a politician and a parent. Newsweek reported a group spokesperson questioned her ability to fulfill “her elected position” when she seemingly can’t even handle “parenting her own child so they don’t get caught perpetuating Nazi symbolism.” Other groups, while condemning the act, feel that forcing the House member’s resignation goes too far.

House Republicans agree. They issued a statement echoing their colleague’s apology and sharing their disapproval of the pose, adding that both the school and the boy’s parents would hold the teen accountable.

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