NY Doctor Commits Murder-Suicide

NYPD on High Alert Amid Potential Trump Indictment

(RepublicanJournal.org) – New York City police officers investigating a horrific double killing say it was a murder-suicide. The adult victim, who’s been identified as a cancer doctor, allegedly shot her baby and then turned the gun on herself. Police say there’s no truth to rumors her husband was involved in the deaths, and they’re “100% certain” the doctor was responsible.

On August 5, Police claim Doctor Krystal Cascetta, an oncologist at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, entered her four-month-old baby’s room at her home in Somers, Westchester County, and locked the door. She then shot the baby, inflicting a fatal wound — and as another occupant of the home ran to investigate, she shot herself. When the unidentified respondent (who may have been one of her parents, who were in the house at the time) broke the door open, they found mother and child dead and called 911.

So far, there’s no indication of why Cascetta may have killed herself and her child, but police are certain she did. Responding to rumors on social media that her husband was involved, one New York state trooper confirmed that he was away at the time and slammed online trolls for “dragging the husband through the mud.” He added that police know “100%, beyond a doubt” Cascetta was the one who fired both shots.

Social media profiles for Cascetta and her husband show an apparently happy couple who had been married since 2019 and give no clue of the 40-year-old doctor’s murderous and suicidal intentions. There are indications all wasn’t well in the family, though. One neighbor told reporters that ambulances or police had been called to the house “at least twice” this summer. Cascetta’s husband, 37-year-old Tim Talty, owns an energy bar manufacturer; Cascetta apparently was an adviser to his company, using her medical knowledge to make his products healthier. The baby who died in the incident was their only child.

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