North Korea Claims to Have Practiced Nuke and Invasion of South Korea

( – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is rattling its sabers once again, but this time it’s upping the ante against South Korea and the United States with threats of nuclear strikes. The socialist state moved in response to bomber drills the allied countries recently conducted, which Pyongyang condemned as an “invasion rehearsal” targeted against it.

The allies’ joint drills, part of an exercise called Ulchi Freedom Shield, were scheduled to run from August 21 to August 31. They took place in the Yellow Sea, and at least one US B-1B strategic bomber, able to carry AGM-86B air launch cruise missiles as well as AGM-69 short-range attack missiles, participated in the maneuvers. According to North Korea, the move included an entire formation of B-1B bombers that practiced a full-fledged attack against the enemy nation.

DPRK’s KCNA Watch, a state-sponsored media outlet, referred to US and South Korean forces as “military gangsters” who posed “a serious threat” to the country. It responded with “drills” of its own, firing two tactical ballistic missiles and setting off explosions 400 meters overhead. Both tactical missiles landed in the East Sea after traveling roughly 223.7 miles.

Officials designed the exercise to confuse and demoralize opposing fighters, according to Korea JoongAng Daily, targeting areas that would stir chaos on social, economic, and political levels. North Korea intended for the action to be a clear message that it would retaliate aggressively against any perceived moves against it.

Pyongyang’s latest maneuver reportedly simulated tactics that would allow forces to occupy all of South Korea. The plan involves a two-tiered approach that would both turn the tables on invading forces and launch an intense counterattack assault. It assumes Seoul and Washington, DC, have plans to invade North Korea, ignoring the simple fact that the latter has initiated nearly every violent conflict between the opposing countries within the peninsula’s demilitarized zone.

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