Nikki Haley Has Racial Discussion About Barack Obama’s Policies

Nikki Haley Has Racial Discussion About Barack Obama's Policies

( – Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has torn into the Obama administration for its racially divisive policies. The former ambassador to the UN, who has Indian ancestry, slammed Obama for promoting a narrative that makes non-whites feel like victims instead of teaching them that America is a place where they can succeed.

Haley Defends America

Writing in British newspaper The Daily Mail on June 21, Haley criticized the first black president of the US for failing to have pride in his country. She said Obama attacked her for saying America isn’t racist, instead of recognizing that a woman of Indian ancestry running for president is a sign of the progress we’ve made.

In April, Haley spoke at the Republican National Convention, and told attendees “America is not a racist country.” A former president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Haley went on to serve three terms in the South Carolina state House before becoming the first female governor of South Carolina in 2014.

Then, in 2017, former president Donald Trump appointed her to represent this country at the United Nations. Despite her immigrant background she’s succeeded in business as well as politics. Now she’s in the race to become our next president. Like her or not, you can’t claim Nikki Haley has been held back by discrimination.

However, that’s exactly what Obama is claiming. Despite the fact he himself had a successful career in law before being elected to the Senate, and then the White House, the 44th president wrote her off as a “minority [candidate] within the Republican Party who will validate Americans saying, “everything’s great, we can make it.”” Haley hit back hard in her Mail article, asking if Obama thinks “he’s the only minority who could be elected president?” She added, “he used to know better.”

Obama’s Changing Opinions

As Haley pointed out, Obama himself used to share her optimism about America. She said that, back when he was a senator, Obama talked about his pride in the values that came from the Declaration of Independence and praised the “opportunity” that let him rise to the top job in the world’s only superpower.

Haley went on to say, “we must break all the barriers that block people from sharing in America’s promise,” and highlighted poor schools, crime, drugs, and our dysfunctional welfare system. But, she said, “the promise of America has been the constant in my life, Barack Obama’s life.” Obama seems to have turned his back on that promise, even after it gave him so much.

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