New Troops Fighting In Ukraine Are Western Trained

New Troops Fighting In Ukraine Are Western Trained

( – The war in Ukraine has been raging for over a year, pulling in support from other countries worldwide as it defends its territory from Russian incursion. While the United States has carefully navigated in its strategy, hesitant to make any moves that might appear as though Washington, DC, has actively joined in the defensive effort, it has offered substantial assistance in the form of funds, vehicles, and instruction. Now, 36,000 Ukrainian troops are ready to put their Western training to the test on the front lines.

The New York Times reports that US experts have offered Ukrainian soldiers whole new sets of tools to add to their boxes. Military officials from the United States and other countries, including Spain, Germany, and the UK, have offered formal classes and training sessions to eager foreign troops over the past several months. The most recently trained units comprise nine brigades who traveled to Germany to train with the 7th Army Training Command.

The US Department of Defense shared that US military leaders began to train Ukrainian soldiers to use M1 Abrams tanks in May. The US refurbished the 31 combat-ready vehicles from the US’ old stock, and troops underwent extensive lessons on using and maintaining the complex machines. Defending soldiers are also using German-made Leopard tanks fitted with armor-busting anti-tank missiles, and some are learning to pilot US F-16 aircraft. The reinforcements come amid Russia’s move toward older vehicles, as many of the Kremlin’s newer tanks have already fallen in battle.

The Times noted US technology has given Ukrainian troops a competitive edge after dark, with advanced night-vision equipment making them more effective than their enemies during late hours. Ukraine continues to fight against heavy air support and artillery shell attacks, Russia’s strongest offensive strategies.

The defending nation has celebrated small victories over the past year, regaining some lost ground, but both sides have suffered significant casualties, and the war’s outcome remains gravely uncertain. Russia currently occupies the Eastern portion of the nation, comprising roughly 20% of Ukraine.

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