New Political Party May Be a Problem for Democrats

New Political Party May Be a Problem for Democrats

( – Current signs point toward a 2024 rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, although many voters aren’t keen on the idea. No Labels, which emerged in 2009, claims not to be a third party — but it still has plans to split the vote in the next US presidential election. The move could cause a huge problem for Democrats.

No Labels has successfully secured its place on the 2024 ballot in Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon and claims to be an “insurance plan” against revisiting the 2020 election. The group says it will intervene if both parties choose “unreasonably divisive presidential nominees” who wouldn’t likely garner moderate voters’ support. Its “Unity ticket” would feature a Republican and a Democrat running side by side, according to Fox News, paving “a path to victory” because its candidates would both be moderates.

But a split in the vote, no matter how experts spin it, ultimately means weakened outcomes for the frontrunners in both of the two major parties. Candidates running on third-party tickets have historically failed to gain meaningful traction in presidential races. Third Way points out that every third-party vote collected in presidential elections since 1900 still wouldn’t add up to enough votes for a single win today.

In this case, No Labels’ alternative candidate could ensure a victory for Trump for multiple reasons. A look at the 2020 polls shows third-party voters leaned more toward Biden, who happens to be more vulnerable in swing states than his rival, and voters who hated both Biden and Trump were also more likely to vote Left. No Labels would likely steal many of those votes. Additionally, the group appears to be targeting mainly Blue states, aiming to gain about two-thirds of their votes from those Biden took in 2020.

No Labels hasn’t announced any contenders, and it still might not choose anyone. The group insists it will “stand down” if the two major party picks appear acceptable, although it hasn’t given any details on its assessment criteria.

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