New Evidence Reveals Shady Dealings in 2020 Election


( – For over half a year now, mainstream media outlets have dismissed stories about election fraud as “conspiracy theories,” half-baked ideas with no basis in reality. Central to this was the claim that there was “no evidence” of any widespread wrongdoing concerning election fraud. Now, though, concrete evidence has finally emerged.

On Wednesday, July 14, The Gateway Pundit reported on a damning new piece of solid evidence from Fulton County, Georgia. According to the report, some boxes of ballots analyzed at one count center were almost all in favor of Joe Biden. In fact, there were three boxes without a single vote for Donald Trump in them. In three other boxes, over 98% of the ballots had been cast for Joe Biden.

There were other irregularities that some hand counters present on the night of the vote reported as well. For instance, there were some ballots that were marked with toner rather than a traditional writing instrument. Some ballots were of a type of paper different than that typically used for ballots, while other ballot papers had no crease.

Most recently, officials uncovered evidence that a large number of ballots were scanned twice.

So, how long will the mainstream media be able to maintain its line about there being “no evidence?” We’ll just have to wait and see.

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