New Election Law Leads to Record-Breaking Voter Numbers Despite Democrat Outcry

New Election Law Leads to Record-Breaking Voter Numbers Despite Democrat Outcry

New Bill Leads To RECORD BREAKING Voter Numbers – It Favors Republicans!

( – In 2021, Georgia passed the Election Integrity Act of 2021, which reworked the election systems, including mandating voter identifications, absentee ballot requirements, early in-person voting, and ballot dropbox limitations, in the state. Many residents worried the new law would limit voting, especially among people of color, likening it to the Jim Crow law era.

Jim Crow Laws

These state and local laws enforced segregation between the races in the southern part of the United States until 1965. The unfair practices basically eliminated black voices in the US, preventing that part of the population from advancing either politically or financially. When the Peach State brought about the recent legislation surrounding elections, President Joe Biden heard cries from the Left and responded by calling the measure a “blatant attack on the Constitution.”

Democrats alleged the new law would stop minorities from voting, ensuring the demographic had no representation in the political realm. However, recent voting numbers in Georgia tell a different story, knocking the allegation on its edge.

Voting in Georgia

Despite unfounded fears from the liberal party of America, Georgia boasted that early voting numbers exceeded expectations ahead of the primary elections on May 24. Some residents of the state who were previously worried about voting said they found the process easy. One 70-year-old Black woman said she was happy to see how well people treated her at the polls, saying she was “thrown back.”

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R-GA) reported there were three times the number of ballots cast as of May 20 than in 2018 and a lot more than during the 2020 cycle as well. In fact, the representative called Biden out for the shadow he cast with his words over the new election process in Georgia. He added the Jim Crow narrative was “completely false.”

Assumption vs. Reality

When Biden and many Democrats got up in arms about the election law Georgia passed last year, the Jim Crow rhetoric seemed to spread like wildfire on the Left. The claims became the new talking point for many Democrats trying to paint Republicans in a negative and racist light.

According to the National Review, following the election law change in Georgia, black voter numbers increased by 2.75% compared to 2020. The news outlet also reported five times the number of Hispanic and Asian voters this year than in 2018 and four times the number of black voters.

Looking at the numbers, it’s clear the Peach State’s election process changes brought more Americans to the ballot box than in recent years. More voices mean more citizens are represented in government. Considering the increase in voter turnout, does that mean Republicans were right, and the Jim Crow narrative was wrong all along?

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