New CDC Instructions Change COVID Narrative

New CDC Instructions Change COVID Narrative

( – The Biden administration (along with Democratic leaders across the country) is increasingly starting to push vaccination as the solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. To some extent, of course, this requires officials to skate over the idea of natural immunity. Until recently, the effects of acquired immunity, obtained by contracting one or more variants of the virus directly similar to vaccination, tended to be ignored. While the federal government may not be acknowledging a policy change openly, Americans learned this week that it’s starting to quietly make allowances for those who have recently recovered from COVID.

On Monday, August 9, the CDC changed the travel advisories for Israel and France to Level 4, the most serious categorization. In countries where COVID is this widespread, the guidance claims, even “fully vaccinated travelers” are at risk of catching and transmitting the virus.

However, eagle-eyed analysts spotted something else significant about the new rules. They contain a directive for those who have recovered from the virus within the last three months, stating such people can adhere to the same “requirements and recommendations” that apply to fully vaccinated people. The only exception is that vaccinated people must undergo a test within 3-5 days of returning to the US, while those who have recently recovered from COVID can skip the test. Those in the latter category are more likely to return a positive result despite not being infectious because of residual antibodies from their illness.

It seems the government equates the successful recovery from a COVID-19 infection to vaccination from an immunity-based point of view, according to the guidance. In that case, why are government officials keenly encouraging everyone to inoculate, even those who have recovered from confirmed COVID-19 infections?

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