New Biden Mandate Will Hurt Mobile Home Owners, Experts Claim

New Biden Mandate Will Hurt Mobile Home Owners, Experts Claim

( – The Department of Energy (DOE) released an updated set of guidelines for mobile home manufacturing, which will begin taking effect on May 31. The new rules require updates to materials and building practices to meet energy conservation goals. While supporters are celebrating the supposed win, opponents say mobile homeowners will suffer due to the added expense — which they say won’t even make a difference in the country’s overall carbon footprint.

President Joe Biden has pushed dramatic efforts to rein in climate change. Critics say that’s a bold gamble in the face of current energy prices. Moves to reduce oil dependence only further raise prices with a slow and awkward transition, leaving the administration scrambling to keep up with the demand, according to The New York Times.

Changes in mobile home manufacturing standards will reportedly save households between $177 and $475 in annual utility costs, according to a 2020 estimate. According to this data, the upgrades would pay for themselves within 3.7 and 8.9 years.

Economist E. J. Antoni told The Daily Caller that companies are developing energy-saving technology at a fast pace, meaning some items might become obsolete before homeowners have a chance to make good use of them. As a result, Americans in the market for mobile homes might pay more now for upgrades that they’ll need to replace sooner rather than later, meaning far fewer actual overall savings than the DOE projects.

The Manufactured Housing Institute and the Texas Manufactured Housing Association filed a lawsuit in February challenging the DOE’s standards and timeline. The plaintiffs claim they already do enough to ensure their buildings are energy efficient, noting that “existing manufactured homes consume the least energy of all types of homes.” They want to ensure their houses remain affordable, which requires a careful balance between minding energy standards and implementing building costs.

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