Netflix Sends New Culture Warning to Woke Employees

Netflix Sends New Culture Warning to Woke Employees

Netflix Sends New MEMO To Woke Employees – A Big Change!

( – Streaming service Netflix isn’t playing games with employees trying to push a “woke” agenda. Internal backlash over the company’s support and continued distribution of material from controversial comedian Dave Chappelle ignited a firestorm of debate among workers. According to a Variety exclusive, the controversy prompted Netflix to issue a new company memo squashing thoughts of rebellion over its content:

Basically, Netflix employees were told to make no mistake: The company won’t tolerate the bashing of artistic expression from within its ranks. The memo suggests that staff members who can’t get past a particular piece of content or disagree with programming guidelines should seek employment elsewhere. Netflix is a massive platform that serves millions of people every day, and many have different tastes in entertainment.

The company went on in its memo, expressing to staff that they may be subject to working on content they disagree with or find offensive, and how this is a job requirement. Their job is not to make waves both within the company and publicly when they’re unhappy.

That exact situation occurred last year, when an employee who organized a trans walkout at Netflix was fired. The company was clear about the reasons, saying that while Netflix values transparency, its internal information has to remain confidential.

Representatives state that the employee in question allegedly leaked information about Chappelle’s show getting the greenlight as well as how much the company paid for it. That information eventually ended up in a Bloomberg report.

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