MTG Says NATO Is No Longer a “Reliable Partner” to America

( – A Republican lawmaker has urged President Biden to pull out of NATO. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) (R-GA) says the 74-year-old alliance is “not a reliable partner” to the US. Her comments are a direct challenge to Biden, who’s just visited Europe to attend a major NATO conference.

On July 12, Greene spoke to the House Rules Committee as it debated the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act. Greene has submitted an amendment to the Act that would direct Biden to withdraw the US from NATO. Greene said the alliance can’t be relied on, and US citizens shouldn’t have to pay for its defense. She pointed out that the US spends around 4% of its GDP on defense, while for most of the last decade, Germany has spent about 1%. She said it’s time for Western European countries to spend more on guaranteeing their own security instead of expecting the US to do it.

NATO’s rules say members should spend at least 2% of their GDP on defense, but currently, just seven of its 31 members — the US, UK, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — meet that target. Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Finland are expected to get there this year. However, if US spending is excluded, the average for the whole alliance is just 1.74%; Germany has just announced a huge increase in military funding, but it still only amounts to 1.57% of its GDP. Berlin says it should meet the target next year.

There’s no doubt the US carries a disproportionate amount of the load for NATO. Along with the UK and France, it’s the only alliance member whose military can operate globally, and it’s the only one with enough troops, equipment and supplies to take casualties and keep fighting in a major war. Since 1949 NATO has been the keystone of Western defense against Russia — but perhaps it’s time for its European members to take on a fair share of the burden.       

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