Migrant Released Without Bail After Slapping Cop

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A female migrant who was arrested and released in July for felony assault and arrested again on September 1, is back out on the streets — once again without having to pay bail — after slapping a New York City police officer. The incident is just one of numerous arrests that have occurred within the temporary housing areas the city has set aside for its overwhelming number of asylum seekers.

The woman, 20-year-old Baibaia Rodriguez, allegedly attacked an officer who was confiscating her unregistered motorbike. She reportedly struck the officer with an open hand after trying to stop him from taking the vehicle. She faces charges of third-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. Because those offenses don’t require any form of bail in New York, she was free to go after police finished booking her. She returns to court on October 19.

Police were responding to a complaint that several unregistered vehicles were parked, chained to a pole, close to the Stratford Arms Hotel, where roughly 400 migrants are currently staying. Police took a motorcycle, a scooter, four mopeds, and nine bicycles from the site.

The New York Post notes that loud motorbike racing has become a problem in such areas, especially late at night, forcing officials to crack down on the vehicles. Many of the hotel’s temporary residents have resorted to delivering food for Uber while they wait for work permits, and bikes are a quick and easy way for them to navigate the congested city streets. But while many express a desire for legitimate work, others have apparently added bad elements to their neighborhoods.

The Roosevelt Hotel, another New York makeshift dormitory, has seen at least 41 migrant arrests since May. Locals and business owners in other areas say the added guests are disturbing the peace, trashing sidewalks, and even discarding used hypodermic needles in the streets. They fear their property values might plummet as a result of the migrants’ presence.

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