Michael Cohen Says Trump Is “For Sale”

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Former president Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer has launched an astonishing personal attack on his old boss, claiming legal issues have compromised him. Michael Cohen told reporters that, faced with over half a billion dollars in fines and legal fees, the former commander-in-chief is now “for sale” and “open to the highest bidder.” His comments look like an attempt to damage Trump’s presidential campaign.

On February 18, Cohen spoke to MSNBC’s “The Weekend” and discussed Trump’s ongoing legal troubles. A New York court has just ordered the former president to pay almost $355 million over alleged fraud in his family business in a case brought by the state’s attorney general Letitia James (D). Last month a federal court ordered him to pay writer E Jean Carroll $83.3 million in a defamation case, on top of $5 million awarded to Carroll in a sexual abuse case in 2023.

That leaves Trump with just short of $450 million to pay — which would eat up the majority of his estimated $640 million in cash and personal assets. Add legal fees and the fact he’s still facing 91 criminal indictments, and Trump could soon be facing a major cash flow crisis.

According to Cohen, that makes him a security risk. Host Symone Sanders-Townsend asked the lawyer if that made Trump vulnerable to bribery by either Russia or Saudi Arabia; he replied “Thoroughly compromised, yes.” He also said the US needs to be “very careful” about electing Trump because “he is for sale.” Cohen claimed Trump has to find over $500 million quickly, to pay off his fines.

While Trump’s legal liabilities are serious, Cohen isn’t exactly an unbiased witness. A former executive at the Trump Organization, he had a serious fallout with the former president over alleged unpaid legal fees in 2019. Cohen was a major figure in the Russia collusion allegations. He failed to damage Trump then, but it looks like he’s trying again.

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