Megyn Kelly Furious Over Gun Control Push After Mass Shooting

Megyn Kelly Furious Over Gun Control Push After Mass Shooting

( – Headlines emerged on Monday, March 27, reporting a mass shooter killed three teachers and three young students at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. The news triggered a renewed surge of anti-firearm rhetoric among the Left, and podcaster Megyn Kelly is furious over the added push.

President Joe Biden spoke out against automatic weapons, which NBC News reported he called “weapons of war.” The commander-in-chief condemned the growing problem of gun violence across the country, adding that addressing it was vital to ensure our children “learn how to read and write instead of duck and cover in the classroom.” Once again, he called on Congress to ban all assault rifles and urged Progressives to pressure Republicans into caving on the issue.

Kelly lambasted reform advocates during her March 29 podcast when she discussed the issues with BlazeTV’s “Fearless” host, Jason Whitlock, among other guests. She said she understood that people in the transgender community blamed Conservatives for their frustrations but argued if they “want to play that game,” the Right could counter with logic that progressive rhetoric was the gasoline helping grow the bonfire out of control.

Another criticism Kelly made about “crazy anti-gun activists” was their adherents’ attitudes toward “thoughts and prayers,” noting the Left only seemed to have any compassion for people who agreed firearms were the problem. She called the push to ban guns an “obsession” and said ridding the country of these weapons wouldn’t change the fact society contains sick individuals who feel compelled to kill children.

Other Conservatives have pointed out the Nashville shooter identified as a transgender male, questioning whether hormone therapy or the person’s mental health was the real issue. Avid gun control advocates suggest stricter laws might have prevented such an unstable person from legally purchasing the deadly weapons in the first place.

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