Mark Levin Says AM Radio Is Being Replaced in Plot Against Conservatives

Mark Levin Says AM Radio Is Being Replaced in Plot Against Conservatives

( – Many electric vehicle (EV) owners are discovering a new trend in their transportation: missing AM dials on their radios. While The New York Times and other outlets have reported that newer-generation cars create electromagnetic fields that interfere with the radio bandwidth, the reasoning hasn’t convinced everyone. Fox News host Mark Levin says it’s all a plot to keep conservatives from accessing some of their favorite platforms.

Axios recently reported EVs cause interference in AM radio waves, creating unpleasant humming or static in the vehicles’ sound systems. Eight of 20 manufacturers have chosen to cut the option altogether to avoid consumer frustrations rather than consider other solutions. They cite practical reasons, such as Volkswagen’s concerns over the added expense and weight any changes to fix the problem might impose on their products.

Levin believes he’s calling their bluff. Mediaite reported the Fox News personality slammed liberal pushes to make EV purchases over fuel-powered vehicles, connecting them with his alleged conspiracy against AM radio.

Media Matters posted part of the transcript from Levin’s April 7 broadcast, during which he claimed, “They finally figured out how to attack conservative talk radio.” The host went on to imply liberals conspired to have the AM bandwidth cut from EVs to bypass the FCC, advertisement boycotts, and other strategies they might otherwise use to crush the strongly right-wing venue. The host noted listeners turn on their radios while they drive to hear many of their favorite talk shows, most of which lie on the AM band.

Some manufacturers are taking steps to preserve AM radio in their EVs. Stellantis, which manufactures Jeep and Chrysler, has opted to spring for shielding on its cables and connectors. It has also re-engineered its designs to ensure the radios in its newer models sit as far away from the EV components as possible. Manufacturers that have stopped providing AM radio say consumers can still access all their favorite shows in their vehicles via apps and digital streaming packages.

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