Marco Rubio Says Wall Street Is Behind US Immigration Policy

Marco Rubio Says Wall Street Is Behind US Immigration Policy

( – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has spent much of his political career working with immigration policy and studying its economic impacts. Yet, the senator’s views on border policies have continued evolving. Now, he says that global economics and the entities shaping business policy, like Wall Street firms, drive US immigration policies — not the other way around.

Rubio recently released a book, short-titled “Decades of Decadence,” discussing how American elites destroyed “America’s Inheritance of Liberty, Security, and Prosperity. The tome explains how America’s focus on a global economy has blinded us. It claims Wall Street companies have pushed for proportionately lower wages and minimal benefits, more easily justifying cheap immigrant labor or sending jobs out of the US.

The book reflects Rubio’s immigration policy evolution. In 2014, the senator began withdrawing his support for the legislation he and the seven other bipartisan senators created despite demands from GOP donors with deep pockets for more immigration quotas to fulfill cheap labor needs. Rubio had to grow beyond his GOP establishment roots to keep up with a growing number of Americans like those who responded to a recent YouGov immigration opinion survey.

When the June 3 through 6 poll asked 1500 people whether they thought immigration made the US better or worse off, in general, 36% said worse while 31% said better, and 18% said immigration made no difference. Yet, the numbers along party lines were significantly different. Of the Republicans who responded to the question, 62% said they thought immigration made America worse, only 16% believed it made the nation better, and 14% felt it made no difference.

Rubio recently condemned the economic decisions associated with globalization and loyalty to corporate entities above national concerns in an interview with RealClear Politics. He claimed the infatuation with globalization, or a one-world concept full of global citizens, caused corporate and government leaders to neglect America and its national needs, leading to a “slow, inevitable decline.”

The senator said he hopes to reverse that trend, using his Congressional position to influence change. He says that transformation must include conservative immigration policy reforms.

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