Manchin May Consider Switching Parties

Capitol Building Occupied by Angry Leftists

( – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) could have one foot out the Democratic door in response to the party’s ever-growing shift to the left. The West Virginia moderate hasn’t made any decisions yet, but he’s expressed frustration with the partisan approach Progressives have taken, and he’s indicated that he may consider switching parties.

Manchin recently sat down with Holly Kercheval of West Virginia Metro News’ “Talkline” to discuss the uncertain political climate. He told the host he still wasn’t sure what he was doing next, but he was “seriously” contemplating going independent. He shared that he felt extremes on both sides of the political aisle were damaging the country, which was one reason he had begun supporting the relatively new “No Labels” party. The disgruntled senator has called for more unification in Washington, DC, especially in light of the United States’ recent credit score downgrade.

The Fitch Rating reduced the US score from AAA to AA+, and Manchin was quick to chastise everyone on Capitol Hill over the news. He has been critical of lawmakers from both parties repeatedly demonstrating their inability to work together, pointing to President Joe Biden as well. The West Virginia senator insists that earnest cooperation between the Right and the Left is urgently necessary to restore the US as an economic world leader.

Manchin has been toying with the idea of running for president in 2024, according to NBC News — and if he does, he’s not likely to run as a Democrat. The congressional moderate has become increasingly active in No Labels, which touts itself as an organization composed of moderates from both sides of the aisle. While no one has committed to launching a third-party run against Biden, rumors have circulated that Manchin might take the leap. If he does, some experts predict he could hand Republicans both a vital Senate seat and a presidential win in 2024 by splitting the Democratic party vote.

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