Man Who Threatened Biden Killed by FBI

Trump Says Folders Were

( – An FBI arrest warrant led to the death of a Utah man who had allegedly made threats against President Joe Biden and other progressive officials. Agents fatally shot their suspect, but stunned neighbors say the man was harmless. Details remain fuzzy as the FBI conducts its investigation into the matter, which began with probes into the individual’s angry social media posts.

A court document alleges Craig Deleeuw Robertson posted numerous messages that discussed killing Biden, New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Vice President Kamala Harris, New York State Attorney General Letitia James, and US Attorney General Merrick Garland. He used the social media handle @winston4eagles.

Concern over possible intent led agents to visit Robertson at his home in March, and they confronted him about a post detailing his desire to gun down Bragg. The subject exclaimed that he’d merely shared about a dream he’d had. He then told the agents not to come back unless they had a warrant. Roughly five days later, the suspect made a social media post addressed to “the Federal Bureau of Idiots,” implying that the agents who had visited him had come dangerously close to “violent eradication.” The post had images of cry-laughing emojis in the background. A later post informed the FBI that he would “have a loaded gun handy” for any additional visits.

Agents continued to monitor Robertson’s account until August 6, when they found a post implying the individual was readying his “ghillie suit” and “M24 sniper rifle” for the president’s August 9 visit to Utah. The FBI paid their suspect another visit — with a warrant this time — and gunfire ensued. Robertson was allegedly armed during the altercation.

The Salt Lake Tribune has painted Robertson’s death as a tragedy, describing the 75-year-old man as grumpy and eccentric but ultimately all talk.

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