Man Brutally Beats Disabled Elderly Woman on NYC Subway

( – A man with a long history of violent crime allegedly beat a disabled 60-year-old woman with her own cane in a New York subway station, but police called to the scene failed to arrest him. Footage of the attack quickly went viral, prompting further investigation, and police finally took their suspect into custody five days after the brutal event.

Norton Blake, 43, faces charges for beating 60-year-old Laurell Reynolds in a Harlem subway station. Police are still working to sort out the details, but CBS reports that the victim’s daughter, LaShanna Reese, claims the man attacked Reynolds after she had temporarily left her walker at the top of a staircase in order to carry down some bags. When she returned to retrieve her walker, the assailant reportedly went after her, and she stumbled on the steps.

Daily Mail adds that the two might have been arguing over an item falling out of one of her bags, and Blake may even have been helping Reynolds carry them down, but eyewitnesses could only speculate. Whatever started the spat, it escalated quickly.

Video footage shows the suspect repeatedly striking the victim, who lay on her back while attempting to fend off the blows with desperate kicks and grabs for her cane. He reportedly left her battered and bruised all across her body, even breaking one of her legs.

Despite the fact that Blake has been arrested numerous times for assault — including two offenses in which he struck members of law enforcement, as per The New York Post — the officers who responded to the 911 call let their suspect go after interviewing him. Sources haven’t indicated whether police viewed the footage before they made their decision, which they reportedly made because Reynolds’ and Blake’s accounts conflicted.

Reese isn’t convinced. She recently expressed her outrage, saying police should have taken Blake into custody on the scene and alluded that they only eventually acted in response to the public’s response to the graphic viral video.

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