Liz Cheney Makes “Woke” Claim About Men, Suggests They Are Bad Leaders

Liz Cheney Makes

Liz Cheney Makes WOKE Claim About Men

( – Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) spoke at the Reagan Presidential Library last Wednesday as part of its “Time for Choosing” speaker series. After a few nice words about former President Ronald Reagan, Cheney moved directly into an all-out attack on former President Donald Trump. Toward the end, in what could seem like pandering to a “woke” crowd, she declared that the leadership of men around the world is lacking.

The congresswoman framed the speech in such a way that her attack on men came across as hope for young girls. In a time when women find themselves elevated to historic offices and appointments, Cheney claims men are running the world, and that “it’s not going that well.” She directed the comment to “the little girls and the young women.”

Her message included a call for the love of country through compassion and grace to help heal and unite the people, for which received a standing ovation from the amenable crowd.

While Cheney certainly has the right to her opinion, as well as the privilege to be proud of all she and other women continue to accomplish, does she have the authority to denigrate the men who work toward common goals? It could make some viewers wonder if her very public vendetta against President Trump wasn’t part of a woke agenda all along.

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