Liz Cheney ANNOUNCEMENT – It’s Official!

Liz Cheney Endorses First Democrat Since Betraying GOP

( – Outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) won’t be returning to Congress next year. After turning on her own party and joining the Left’s assault on former President Donald Trump, she lost the confidence of the voters in her state. Now, with midterms just around the corner, Cheney has completed her betrayal of the GOP by endorsing a Democrat in Michigan.

On November 1, the backstabber headed to Lansing, where she appeared with Elissa Slotkin, the city’s incumbent Democrat in the House. Cheney knows Slotkin from their time together on the Armed Services Committee.

Slotkin’s challenger, Michigan Senator Thomas Barret, is a staunch conservative backed by his state and the national party. He also has Trump’s endorsement. For Cheney, that’s enough to warrant a campaign against him. In a September interview with the Texas Tribune, Cheney made it clear that she would do anything to stop Trump from another stint in the Oval Office. “If he’s the nominee,” Cheney told the outlet, “I won’t be a Republican.” She won’t rule out a presidential run of her own, though it’s unclear what party would welcome her with open arms.

The Cook Political Report lists the Michigan race as a toss-up. According to FiveThirtyEight, Cheney’s public endorsement might not make much of a difference, as Slotkin is a strong favorite to win.

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