Left-Wing Protest Leader in Argentina Claims Responsibility for Looting

(RepublicanJournal.org) – A rash of apparent lootings recently hit Argentina, although the government is denying most reports. The current leadership has tried to accuse libertarian presidential frontrunner Javier Milei of spreading fear and misinformation on the matter, but political opponent Raúl Castells reportedly claims his people are behind the events.

A handful of clips and images, which depict robberies occurring in numerous Argentinian cities, recently went viral on social media, leading to fears that widespread violence was taking over the country. La Nacion reported, however, that some of what was circulated was fabricated or old footage, although it added that a few true, isolated incidents had been recorded. Police were able to respond quickly and effectively in all instances, rounding up the perpetrators and working to help recover any losses.

Gabriela Cerruti, a spokesperson for Argentina’s current liberal government, has been attempting to paint all the reports as fake news. She claims Milei is attempting to destabilize the people ahead of the country’s October 22 general election.

Regardless of how severe the problem actually is, Castells’ reasoning for instigating the looting is both disturbing and tragic. The left-wing political activist, who did not place in Argentina’s recent primary presidential election, according to Breitbart, claims he orchestrated the events in protest against the skyrocketing costs of food and other necessary goods. He maintains that no one responding to his calls is guilty of any wrongdoing, stating that individuals are taking what they need but cannot afford to buy.

Castells adds that the true offense is companies inflating their price tags to the point of starving the people. The progressive outlier insists his people haven’t been stealing money or damaging property, and therefore they haven’t committed any crimes.

Critics claim leftist president Alberto Fernández crashed Argentina’s economy over the course of his term, allowing inflation to rise over 122% and the Argentine peso to become nearly worthless. Castells, also a progressive, is demanding the government reinstate rations to schools and community centers, stating the looting would stop if the people had food to eat.

In an interview, Castells said, “When hunger is the law, rebellion is justice.”

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