Lake Believes Indictment Will Encourage Trump Supporters

( – Many Liberals are cheering on special counsel Jack Smith after former president Donald Trump was indicted on a new set of charges on August 1. Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake isn’t sure they have anything to celebrate, though. She thinks that, if anything, the latest legal assault will just make Trump’s supporters even more determined to get him re-elected.

Talking to Newsmax on August 1, just hours after the latest indictment was made public, Lake told host Eric Bolling that liberals “can throw 10 more indictments at President Trump, and it’s only going to make his supporters more emboldened to support him.” Lake believes the legal persecution of Trump is a tactic aimed at knocking him out of the 2024 presidential race, but its success depends on the former president’s supporters being put off by the allegations against him.

So far, polling suggests many likely GOP voters don’t care that Trump’s been indicted. Will they even care if he’s convicted? That’s hard to say, but many Conservatives — including Lake — see the prosecutions as politically motivated, which means they might not count for much with voters who support Trump’s politics.

Lake is a Trump loyalist and has backed his claims about the integrity of the 2020 election. In fact, she’s made similar allegations herself. After losing the Arizona gubernatorial race to Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs last October, she refused to concede and made several claims about fake or unregistered votes.

Lake is a controversial figure even among Conservatives, but if the ongoing string of indictments is aimed at damaging Trump’s chances of re-election, it isn’t doing it very quickly. The latest polling shows him 37 points ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his nearest rival for next year’s Republican nomination.

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