Kamala Harris Targets Pro-Life Policies During Rally

Kamala Harris Targets Pro-Life Policies During Rally

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris recently appeared at a march for reproductive rights in Los Angeles, California, to target pro-life policies. The second-in-command slammed conservative lawmakers over attempts to end US distribution of the abortion drug mifepristone, an issue tied up in the courts since Texas Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruled to pause its Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

The Daily Wire reported Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito paused that ruling for five days, after which the High Court could order an extended stay. Kacsmaryk claims the FDA bypassed certain restrictions in its approval process for the drug, but the federal agency is calling foul. It points to a 55-page report in response to the allegations, noting the drug underwent just as much testing and safety research as any other the FDA put through its restricted distribution process. The document includes a list of other medications approved using the same route — including a form of fentanyl, an IBS medication, an antipsychotic, an acne treatment, and a blood pressure medication — none of which have been under similar attack by lawmakers alongside the abortion pill.

The LA Times noted the rally came together at the last minute in response to the FDA approval pause, adding that mifepristone had been on the US market for over 20 years prior to Kacsmaryk’s ruling. Harris called the move “an attack [on] fundamental rights,” implying comparisons to past assaults on voting rights, interracial and same-sex marriages, and LGTBQ+ pride.

Washington US District Judge Thomas Rice further complicated the situation by ordering the FDA to preserve its approval of the abortion pill in Washington, DC, alongside the 17 US states where abortion remains legal, according to The Washington Post. The mess will likely wind up in the hands of the Supreme Court, which would have the final say on mifepristone’s fate in the United States.

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