Kamala Harris Says She Is a Victim of More Scrutiny Than Her Predecessors

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Vice President (VP) Kamala Harris has been struggling to find solid footing in the Washington, DC, spotlight, with public opinion of her time in office seeing her as either cold on the sidelines or embroiled in controversy. She feels the public has made her a victim of unfair scrutiny, far more than any of her predecessors have suffered, and the VP is hitting the campaign trail harder than ever in the hope of changing voter perception.

Harris had to double down on the damage control following her failed efforts at the southern border. President Joe Biden had tasked her with tackling the surge in undocumented immigrants, while also attempting to place some of the blame for the crisis on former President Donald Trump’s administration. Officials claim the previous approach, focusing on enforcement of punishments for border crossers, didn’t tackle the root of the problem, which they say stems from violence, corruption, poverty, and the effects of natural disasters and climate change.

Aides have noted Harris’ past floundering has simply been the result of the VP being put to work in areas outside her niche. They believe her recent shifting of gears, moving the focus to abortion rights, civil rights, firearm violence, and climate change, offers the second in command a better fit and gives her a chance to show the American people what she’s really capable of achieving. Harris also still has the power to draw in minority support, according to POLITICO, with many of her constituents being black and female voters.

Still, Harris’ overall favorability has been shaky at best. The LA Times conducted a poll on August 15, which found 53% of Americans disapproved of the VP. She’s currently 9 points below where VP Mike Pence was at this point in his term, and she’s 12.9 points lower than Biden was three years into his VP stint. Her net approval rating is currently 1.6 points lower than the president’s, which isn’t saying much.

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