Kamala Harris Responds to Florida’s New Education Guidelines

(RepublicanJournal.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris is continuing her attacks on Florida’s new education guidelines and as a result, is facing pushback over her interference, with critics accusing her of “ideological posturing.” In her latest media interview, she’s denying that and calling the guidelines “extremist.”

On July 19, the Florida Board of Education approved new standards for teaching African American history. The revised rules will bring the state’s public schools into line with 2022 Florida legislation that bans teaching controversial concepts of critical race theory, such as the idea that someone’s skin color means they’re privileged or oppressed. The new curriculum will ensure students are taught how black people have helped build the US — but left-wing activists are unhappy about two sections. One points out that during the Reconstruction era, Black Americans were both the victims and the perpetrators of violence; the other says that many slaves learned skills that “in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

Both these statements are factual, and neither minimizes the evil of slavery — which is thoroughly covered in the curriculum — but many liberals are outraged anyway, and Harris is one of them. On July 20, she slammed Florida’s new standards as an “insult” and gaslighting and vowed, “We will not stand for it.” At a speech in Jacksonville, Florida, she went on to accuse Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and his officials of “pushing propaganda” on children.

DeSantis quickly hit back, praising the Education Department for doing “a good job” on the new curriculum and accusing liberals of wanting to indoctrinate students. On July 31, Harris retaliated with an interview on ABC News, where she told host Linsey Davis that nobody can debate that “people who were enslaved did not benefit from slavery, period.” She went on to call DeSantis and other “so-called leaders, extremists.” So far, though, the governor is showing no sign of backing down.

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