John Cusack Slams Democrats, Calls Them “Sellouts” and “Full of Sh*t”

( – Actor John Cusack went on a tirade on social media, criticizing the Right for its continued support of former president Donald Trump and slamming the Left for being hypocrites and sellouts. The 57-year-old actor has become outspoken in the realm of political activism over the past several years, shredding nearly everyone and every stance that doesn’t fit his socialist views.

Cusack posted his nearly 500-word tweet on Sunday, September 17. The rambling stream-of-consciousness speech found ways to insult just about every American who read it, sparing no one on either side of the divide — save perhaps Bernie Sanders.

He blamed “Obama corporatist democrats” for setting the perfect stage for fascism to explode in the US, insisting the Left has been selling out working-class Americans “for decades.” The actor went on to condemn Progressives for rigging the system, acting under the impression that the Supreme Court has been working on banning taxes on billionaires.

Trump’s popularity among the Right, according to the former A-list actor, is also the Democrats’ fault. He claimed that the amount of “staggering amoral b******t” people with money and power have been feeding the population is the reason “trumps [sic] demagoguery” has been so effective.

Cusack has made similar statements in the past, condemning the competence and integrity of the American people over their views — right and left. In 2020, the actor called Trump, among numerous other derogatory terms, a “Nazi rapist.” He questioned all who voted for the MAGA leader and accused the entire country of being “ill.” His views have led to Republicans and Democrats alike feeling sour, with each of his social media rants sparking explosions of enraged replies.

Cusack began his acting career in the 1980’s as one of the “Brat Pack,” a group of teen actors, including Emilio Estevez and Molly Ringwald, who had reportedly earned a reputation for being like entitled brats on set. His roles in movies like “Sixteen Candles” and “The Sure Thing” helped to make him a household name. Looper states that Cusack’s increased alienation of fans over the years has likely contributed to his fallen profile.

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