John Bolton Tells Trump to Shut Down His Campaign

John Bolton Tells Trump to Shut Down His Campaign

( – Former President Donald Trump chose John Bolton as his third national security advisor. Bolton lasted almost 18 months in the position, ushering in major policy changes but not without significant friction with Trump. His departure was public and messy. After the recent unsealing of the federal indictment against the former president and current candidate, the ex-advisor tweeted that Trump should shut down his campaign.

On June 9, the past national security chief bluntly stated his opinion: “If Trump truly stood for America First policies, he would support the rule of law” and finished his tweet by demanding, “Withdraw now!” Three days later, Bolton joined CNN’s Phil Mattingly to discuss the former president’s prosecution.

Bolton called the indictment “devastating.” From his experience, he suggested that the special counsel and prosecutors took a targeted “rifle shot” approach to the case rather than throwing “everything up against the wall” and seeing what stuck. The ex-White House aide said the prosecution could mark “the end” of Trump’s political career.

Responding to a question from Mattingly regarding the difficulty of accessing the types of documents the indictment accused Trump of withholding and concealing, Bolton talked about sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs) located throughout the White House and Pentagon where people typically view classified records. He mentioned that his White House office was a SCIF because he dealt with many sensitive documents daily. However, he said the former president disliked following proper procedures.

Mattingly asked Bolton his thoughts on lawmakers who say prosecuting Trump over the retention of the documents is an abuse of power politically motivated to harm the leading candidate’s chances of winning the 2024 election. He replied the same lawmakers would demand prosecution if the target of the indictment were Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, constituting a double standard. The former security advisor insisted the best way forward would require abandoning politics and following the law by proceeding with a “speedy trial.”

Bolton suggested he would forego “frivolous procedural motions” if he were on trial and innocent because he would want to speed the process along. He expressed his hope that the Justice Department could minimize delays.

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