John Axelrod Dies at 74

( – Many famous actors, producers, and musicians passed away in the first half of 2024. One of them is John Axelrod, a well-known figure in Hollywood who worked largely behind the scenes as a writer and producer. Sadly, he recently passed away.

Axelrod’s ex-wife, television director Katy Garretson, confirmed that he died in his sleep on June 13. He was 74 years old.

John Axelrod was born in New York City on July 9, 1949, but at the age of 9, he moved to Beverly Hills. He then moved to the Los Angeles area, where he remained until he died. His biological father was Arthur Stanton, who served as the chairman of World-Wide Volkswagen. However, he would end up taking his stepfather’s surname. George Axelrod was nominated for an Oscar for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and John would go on to join the entertainment industry as well and would hold many prominent roles.

In his early years, Axelrod founded Camden Artists, a talent agency. He was also president of the firm. He would also go on to be president of Columbia Pictures Television and New World Pictures. He served as the producing half for both Axelrod/Widdoes Entertainment and Axelrod/Edwards. He was part of major networks, including Vice President of Drama at ABC and the producer for more than two dozen Hallmark Channel movies.

There are a lot of producing credits to Axelrod’s name, including “Against the Wall,” where he worked with director John Frankenheimer. He had previously met Frankenheimer when he was a teenager and visited the set for “The Manchurian Candidate,” where his father was working. He also produced “Garage Sale Mysteries” and “Brothers Keeper.”

Axelrod was married three times to actresses Shelley Smith, Illeana Douglas, and Garretson. He is survived by his only child, Samuel. His family is holding a private service for him in New York, his birthplace.

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