Joe Biden Visits Border, Apparently Confused Salvation Army Aid With Secret Service Agent

Joe Biden Visits Border, Apparently Confused Salvation Army Aid With Secret Service Agent

( – President Joe Biden recently made a long-awaited visit to the southwest border. It was the first official visit of its type since Biden took his seat in the Oval Office at the beginning of 2021. Despite answering calls that had been coming from conservatives for two years, the visit remained controversial for a number of reasons. One of them was a gaffe the president appeared to make while speaking with a member of the Salvation Army.

While visiting El Paso, an illegal immigration hotspot in the south of Texas, Biden went to a migrant center. There, he approached a uniformed member of the Salvation Army and appeared to mistake the man for a Secret Service operative. As you can see in the video of the incident shared below, the man looks back at the president in obvious confusion before he moves on to greet someone else at the event.

This is the latest in a string of gaffes that has led people to question whether Biden is cognitively fit to do the job of the president. Now 80 years of age, he is the oldest person ever to lead the country, and he has openly stated he’s leaning toward running for a second term in 2024. Despite this, however, he has reduced his public exposure considerably over the last 12 months. He took part in just six formal journalistic interviews in 2022, down from 15 in 2021.

His border visit was plagued by controversy for other reasons too. After the trip, a number of critics complained he had failed to go to the worst-affected illegal immigration hotspots. They say he essentially avoided the true aspect of what is really transpiring at the southern border.

Incidents like this will only continue to make Democrats doubt whether Joe Biden is the man to lead the party into the presidential election in 2024.

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