Joe Biden Snubs Nashville Families With This Invitation

Joe Biden Snubs Nashville Families With This Invitation

( – Within a 48-hour time span, in different incidents, two men shot two young Americans after each made a wrong turn. In one case, 20-year-old New Yorker Kaylin Gillis died when she drove down a stranger’s driveway thinking it was someone else’s. In the other case, a man shot and seriously injured 16-year-old Ralph Yarl when the boy, thinking he was at the correct house to pick up his siblings, mistakenly knocked on the wrong door. Now, President Joe Biden’s different treatment of the two cases, as well as his rhetoric — or lack thereof — with the families of the victims of the recent Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, is causing quite the stir.

On Tuesday, April 18, POTUS shared on Twitter that he spoke with Yarl, who survived his unexpected attack, and his family, saying that there is an open invitation for the young man to come to the White House when he is recovered from his head and arm injuries. However, the US leader has not yet publicly invited the Gillis family to the White House despite the incidents leading up to her death being very similar to those of Yarl. One notable difference between the two was race — Gillis was white, and Yarl is black.

Newsweek contacted the White House twice about the handling of these incidents, but the press team didn’t respond to the news outlet as of April 20. Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out President Biden for the seemingly different treatment the two young people have received.

Others have highlighted that Biden also hasn’t invited the families affected by the Covenant School shooting to the White House. Even Missouri Governor Mike Parsons (R) expressed his displeasure with Biden’s comments, telling The Kansas City Star that the president “is trying to make a political statement over a very serious tragedy,” a move he calls both “unfortunate” and “terrible.”

The Missouri Republican highlighted that plenty of other young people have been killed by gun violence in his capital city without receiving phone calls from Biden.

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