Joe Biden Officially Has His First Democratic Opponent

Joe Biden Officially Has His First Democratic Opponent

( – President Joe Biden hasn’t officially announced his plans for the 2024 ticket, but most people expect him to make his move soon. He won’t be alone in the race, with at least one confirmed name hitting the headlines. On February 23, Medill News Service released the news that 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson officially planned to announce her bid during a Washington, DC, speaking event on March 4.

Williamson’s 2020 campaign was effective enough to put the liberal well into the spotlight — but she ultimately failed to gain enough of a following to compete in the primary election, dropping out before the vote. She ran on a platform of social justice, environmental activism, and a “moral repair” of the American spirit.

Williamson, an author and spiritual guru by trade, set herself apart from other potential candidates because she’s not a career politician. She’s never held a public office. Her website touts self-improvement through “A Course in Miracles,” showcases her works, and shares her basic message: We’re all children of God, not just some of us, and we each deserve the opportunity to shine as brightly as we can — for ourselves and those around us.

Williamson also feels US politics, which offer corporations billions in tax breaks and subsidies, needs an overhaul to repair the woefully shattered middle class. She told Medill News Service that current politicians fall into two distinct groups, “those who either don’t care to fix it or do not have the spine to fix it.” According to the hopeful candidate, both need to go.

The race for the 2024 nomination could draw in more contenders as announcements start to come. Other possible candidates include the current Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Vice President Kamala Harris, and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of John F. Kennedy and son of Robert F. Kennedy — assassins killed both while in office. Kennedy plans to hold an event in New Hampshire on March 3, the day before Williamson’s.

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