Joe Biden Doesn’t Believe the Southern Border Is of Utmost Importance

Joe Biden Doesn't Believe the Southern Border Is of Utmost Importance

( – The number of undocumented migrants crossing the southwest border into the United States has remained stubbornly high since President Joe Biden took office. Statistics from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) show there were just over 185,000 undocumented migrant encounters in October of this year, a 1.5% increase over the month before. Yet, according to the White House, the president had more important things to do than visit the border himself.

The comment came in the context of Biden’s recent journey to Arizona, the primary purpose of which was to stop by a new computer chip plant in Phoenix. The administration is pointing to this Taiwan-backed development as being a result of Biden’s pro-business policies.

Although Arizona is a border state, and Biden has not yet made an appearance at the border since stepping into office, he neglected to use the time as an opportunity to schedule a trip to the region. When the Daily Caller contacted the White House to inquire why this was, Assistant Press Secretary Abdullah Hassan responded that the president was focused on economic issues instead.

The president himself responded that “there are more important things going on” when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked him a similar question prior to his trip.

Do you accept the logic of the White House regarding why Biden did not decide to observe the border in Arizona?

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