Joe Biden Allegedly Kept a Secret Satellite Phone While Serving as VP

Joe Biden Allegedly Kept a Secret Satellite Phone While Serving as VP

( – Newly released information from Hunter Biden’s laptop suggests that Joe Biden, while vice president, carried a satellite phone paid for by his son’s business. If true, this could be evidence that Biden was involved in his son’s business deals — something he’s always denied. The First Son might have escaped jail on tax evasion charges, but there are a lot of questions about what he’s been up to.

On June 25 Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute, a conservative watchdog group, told Fox News that a satellite phone Biden carried while he was vice president was paid for by his son Hunter’s business. The extent of Biden’s links with his son’s checkered career is a controversial topic. The president claims he’s never been involved with the business deals, but the younger Biden has allegedly used his father’s influence.

For example, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley Jr. says that in 2017, Hunter called a Chinese businessman he’d asked for money from, told him “I am sitting here with my father,” and threatened that if he didn’t get a call about the money, he would ensure “that between the man sitting next to [him] and every person he knows,” the person on the other end of the line would “regret” ignoring their request.

Schweizer says the next step is to find out why Biden carried the phone. It was a satellite model, capable of making calls almost anywhere in the world, but as it wasn’t a government phone, he couldn’t have used it for official calls. Schweizer hopes investigators will subpoena the records and find out who has communicated over the line. If it turns out Biden was taking calls from his son’s business associates, that will add a lot of weight to recent allegations that the Bidens were offered $5 million each by a businessman linked to Ukraine.

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