Jen Psaki Says Old White People Are Comfortable With Biden

Jen Psaki Says Old White People Are Comfortable With Biden

( – Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki has made some pretty incredible claims since 2021, but last week she took things to the next level. Psaki told MSNBC that President Biden is “comfortable” to the Republicans’ conservative base. That might leave some people wondering when she last spoke to a Republican.

On June 1 Psaki appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” and discussed Biden’s prospects in next year’s presidential election. Host Joy Reid opened with her opinion that Biden is “misunderestimated” [sic] because of his age and mental state, referencing how he tripped earlier that day at the US Air Force Academy. Reid asked Psaki what it is about Biden that “is so enraging to the right?” — and the former White House mouthpiece had an astonishing answer.

According to Psaki there really isn’t anything about Biden that annoys conservatives. She claimed that in 2020 the Republicans couldn’t find any reasons to attack him. She said “he’s a white man who’s older, so you know he is comfortable to many in their base.” She also claimed that in 2020 GOP strategists were saying they didn’t want Biden as the Democrat candidate because “people aren’t freaked out by him.”

That might be what Psaki believes, but it doesn’t really square with what Republicans were actually saying about Biden in 2020 — and, of course, what they’re saying about him now. Biden isn’t a far-left extremist like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), but while he started out on the right wing of the Democratic Party, he’s been drifting leftward for decades. From a generally anti-abortion position in the early 1980s, he’s now become a strong supporter of the practice. In 1994 he wrote the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act,” which created 60 new capital offenses; he’s now an opponent of the death penalty. Biden supports gun control and drug decriminalization.

Against all those liberal positions, the fact he’s an older white man isn’t likely to count for much with conservatives.

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