Iraqi Who Tried To Assassinate Bush Was Fueled by Biden’s Border Policies

Iraqi Who Tried To Assassinate Bush Was Fueled by Biden's Open Border

Man Who Tried To ASSASSINATE Bush Was Enabled By Feds

( – On May 24, officials arrested Iraqi asylum seeker Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab for aiding and abetting a plot to assassinate former President George W. Bush. According to the Department of Justice, Shihab entered the United States on a visitor’s visa in September 2020, claiming asylum in March 2021. However, he wasn’t seeking to escape an oppressive regime; rather, the move was part of the ruse he was using to stay in the US and murder the former leader — using an overwhelmed US border for possible entry.

Shihab wanted revenge for the Iraqi deaths that happened during Operation Iraqi Freedom, under Bush’s watch, so the terrorist planned to smuggle four to seven other people into the country to carry out his plot and escape through the Mexican border. As reported by Forbes, the Iraqi planned to bring the ISIS operatives into the US the same way — across the border.

Once they gained free access to the United States with fraudulent Mexican visitor visas, the group planned to make fake FBI and police badges and IDs to locate the former president, obtain weapons, and exact their revenge.

When the FBI caught wind of their plot, they arrested Shihab for his crimes. Although the would-be assassin’s asylum request was still in pending status, he was still allowed to roam free in the states. The Department of Homeland Security reported as many as 676,000 people overstayed their visas in 2019, making the plot opportunities and lax immigration laws especially concerning.

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