Ilhan Omar Has MELTDOWN – “Seriously WTF”

Ilhan Omar Has Meltdown After Protestors Called Her Out During Event

Ilhan Omar Has Meltdown After Protestors Called Her Out During Event

( – Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) recently held a town hall in which several people accused her of being a warmonger, pointing at her support of Ukraine in the Eastern Europe war it’s fighting against Russia. The Democrat addressed the disruptors during the event and then again later on Twitter, defending the US’ decision to send Ukraine financial aid.

One of the demonstrators asserted Omar was supposed to be an “anti-war” voice, explaining that sending billions of dollars to the embattled country didn’t fit that narrative. The Democrat countered, claiming the money was to support Ukraine in defending itself against the Russian invaders.

In a pair of tweets, the congresswoman claimed the demonstrators at her town hall weren’t “anti-war protestors,” but were instead “dangerous propagandists.” Omar added that these individuals made a mockery of the movement against war. The Democrat said she was never given the opportunity to address so-called Russian disinformation in person and was thankful she finally got the chance.

Her second tweet expressed amazement that some people had the nerve to be upset with Ukraine for defending itself, but not with Russia for invading the country. Omar claims one of the protestors even told her the US had started the war in Eastern Europe. All the Democrat had to say on the matter was, “Seriously WTF.”

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