If You See It Kill It Because It’s Pretty Deadly

If You See It Kill It Because It's Pretty Deadly

(RepublicanJournal.org) – We hear a lot nowadays about the threats China poses to our national security. The country’s military activity near Taiwan presents fears it could destabilize the Asian region, forcing America to get involved. China’s growing economic might has some worried we could lose our position as the dominant global superpower. However, the latest danger from China has come in an unexpected form; an insect.

The spotted lanternfly is an attractive bug species, with distinctive black and red coloration and two sets of wings. It came to the United States from China seven years ago. Despite its beauty to the untrained observer, it’s causing significant headaches for environmentalists in various areas across the country. They’re asking anyone who sees a lanternfly to kill it if they can.

The bug’s biggest threat is its propensity to suck the sap from dozens of species of plants and trees. This action leaves the plants susceptible to attack by different animals and insects. This incursion means that China’s lanternfly could have a devastating effect on our ecosystem.

In Pennsylvania, officials have taken a no-nonsense approach to this problem. An Order of Quarantine and Treatment from the state’s Department of Agriculture provides for fines and criminal penalties for anyone who deliberately moves the insect from one place to another.

So, keep an eye out for the lanternfly on your next walk around your local area.

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