Hunter Biden SPECIAL COUNSEL Revelation… It’s Important!

Republican Senators Request Special Council for Hunter Biden Investigation

Republican Senators Request Special Council for Hunter Biden Investigation

( – Almost a third of the US Senate has called for a special counsel to investigate President Biden’s son. The lawmakers have written to Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for enhanced status for the probe. They argue the Justice Department is becoming so politicized, it’s losing the public’s trust.

On September 19 a group of 33 Republican senators wrote to Garland asking for US Attorney David Weiss, who is leading the investigation into Hunter Biden’s business affairs, to be appointed as a special counsel. Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware, joined the Justice Department under the Trump administration. Now the senators want him to have the extra powers — and protection from interference — that special counsel status would give him.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) alleges that at least two FBI agents have already tried to interfere with investigations into the president’s son. He says intelligence supervisor Brian Auten tried to smear evidence against him as “disinformation,” while disgraced former agent Timothy Thibault is alleged to have buried complaints about the junior Biden. The FBI’s Baltimore field office is investigating Hunter under Weiss’s supervision.

If Weiss gets special counsel status, he’ll gain much more wide-ranging powers to subpoena witnesses and collect evidence. President Biden insists there are no conflicts of interest to be found — but well over half of Senate Republicans think that claim needs to be properly investigated.

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