Hunter Biden Report Mysteriously Dropped From All the Big Networks

Hunter Biden Report Mysteriously Dropped From All the Big Networks

( – President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is a household name in the United States, and not just because of his family ties. The troubled lawyer and lobbyist hit the headlines shortly before the presidential election in 2020, after journalists uncovered a laptop he owned containing a trove of incriminating information. The scandals have piled up from there, but left-wing media outlets appear uninterested in covering them.

On Monday, March 16, the New York Times confirmed breaking news about the president’s son, acknowledging that the laptop mentioned at the beginning of this article was genuine and not the tool of a Russian disinformation campaign. Yet, Hunter Biden’s name has not been uttered on the airwaves by NBC, ABC, or CBS in all this time.

On July 12 of last year, NBC anchor Lester Holt discussed Hunter Biden’s controversial art sales, which, Holt acknowledged, ethics watchdogs were monitoring. Since then, Biden’s name hasn’t come up in discussions on any of the three stations.

This is despite a number of newsworthy stories involving the president’s son. In October 2021, Biden made $375,000 from selling prints.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) recently put the laptop story on an official footing. During a Congressional hearing on oversight of the Cyber Division of the FBI, Gaetz successfully petitioned for material from the laptop to be entered into the Congressional Record. It’s not clear exactly what material from the computer made it into the Record.

The Media Research Center report shared that, in November 2020, 45% of Joe Biden’s voters were unaware of the laptop story. Does this statistic highlight just how dangerous the media silence around the president’s son truly is?

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