Hunter Biden Plea Deal Falls Through

( – Since federal investigators started probing President Biden’s son Hunter in 2018 there’s been a seemingly endless stream of revelations about his behavior and misdeeds. By now, Hunter faces allegations of serious tax offenses as well as a range of other crimes. A lot of people were unhappy in June when he struck a deal with his father’s Justice Department that would see him spared jail in exchange for pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges; it seemed he was getting off too easily. Now, though, that plea deal has suddenly collapsed.

What Was Hunter’s Deal?

On June 20, the Justice Department filed court documents that revealed an astonishing plea deal for the president’s 53-year-old son. Prosecutors and Hunter Biden’s legal team had agreed that if he pleaded guilty to one count of lying on the application to buy a handgun and two misdemeanor counts of wilfully failing to pay federal income tax, the prosecution would recommend probation; Hunter would probably avoid spending a single day in jail.

Many Conservatives were unhappy with the deal, seeing it as far too lenient for what he’s actually done. On July 26, it turned out the deal was even more generous than originally reported; the gun charge — which carries a potential 10-year prison sentence — would be wiped from his record if he stuck to the terms of the deal. The result would be Hunter walking free despite having dodged over $100,000 in taxes and illegally buying a gun.

What’s Happening Now?

Now there’s been a surprising development. On July 26, Hunter had a court hearing in front of US District Judge Maryellen Noreika — and she wasn’t happy with the deal. Her main objection was that the agreement made her responsible for deciding if Hunter had stuck to the deal or not. She said that wasn’t actually a judge’s job and called on the two opposing legal teams to explain to her why she should sign off on the agreement. They failed to convince her; now, she’s given them 30 days to resolve her concerns.

Hunter’s defense team — and, apparently, the Justice Department prosecutors — were hoping the deal would let the case be resolved quickly. With the campaigns for next year’s presidential election starting to gain momentum, the last thing President Biden wants is daily reporting on a long trial of his son. It would be a gift to Republicans — and Judge Noreika might just have handed it to them.

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