Howard Stern Targets His Fans, Proudly Admits “Wokeness”

( – Radio personality Howard Stern, who originally made a name for himself in the 1980s and ’90s for his “shock jock” antics, has been working hard for years to alienate himself from a large portion of his fan base. The SiriusXM host, who interviewed Donald Trump numerous times before the former president entered politics, recently targeted MAGA voters once again while proudly admitting his wokeness.

Breitbart reports that Stern affirmed his beliefs in response to a fan of his show who had expressed their disappointment. The shock jock stated that he saw “woke” as a compliment, implying that it meant he was not asleep to vital issues. He added that if the term referred to individuals who were against Trump but also in favor of pandemic injections and the transgender movement, then people could freely use it to describe him.

Much of Stern’s listener base is composed of working-class males, who are also more likely to agree with the MAGA movement, and his continued pushes to the Left haven’t sat well with some fans. Trump slammed the radio host in January, posting on Truth Social that Stern’s ratings drop was a direct result of the personality supporting Hillary Clinton over him. He called the reduced popularity “sad” and noted his surprise that the show was still getting paid so well.

Stern has been telling off Trump’s supporters for years. In 2020, he stated that he hated MAGA voters for “not having intelligence.” He added that the former president hated his most devoted followers as well, adding that Trump found most of them too disgusting even to be allowed in a hotel. He suggested in 2022, according to the Washington Examiner, that all of the former president’s supporters move to Russia, that they might experience true “misery” and loss of freedom.

Stern’s biography states he picked up co-host Robin Quivers early into his career, and he moved radio stations a couple of times before landing his iconic WXRK/K-ROCK spot. By 1993, “The Howard Stern Show” was syndicated across multiple states and had 3 million listeners daily. After suffering repeated, hefty fines from the FCC, Stern moved to satellite radio in 2005, where he continues to find new and creative ways to rile up his listeners.

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